Welcome to Four State Industries Inc.
Dealers in hight quality metal and plastic scrap.
Four state Industries Inc. is an independent and a leading scrap plastic and metals exporter specialising in scrap cargo from United Kingdom. With over a vast amount of experience and strong technical, commercial and logistics expertise, we deliver consistent supplies of both Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Non-Metal products, to our customers all over the world.

By our constant commitment to delivering a quality product with our constant investment in time-saving logistics, state of the art technology, and the fact that we’re independent Exporter’s we can offer extremely competitive prices across the boards. Also with our central Sales team office all around the globe, we work harder to build long standing and long lasting business relationships.

With our experience within the industry, our suppliers and customers do not just purely choose us because of our competitive prices, but because they like the friendly and helpful way we conduct our business with all our people, across the world.
We deal and can supply just over 8 different grades of ferrous scrap. We handle and deal with quantity’s ranging
We widely handle and export the below mentioned grades of non-ferrous metal…
All our grades of plastic & paper exported undergo thorough sorting procedures, to eliminate various contamination in it.